It is just over a year since the world was shocked by the picture of the drowned little boy, Alan Kurdi, into realizing the horrors of the refugee crisis and the urgent need to do something to help these people.

A year on and many more people, many of them also small children, have perished, whether though drowning in the Mediterranean or through bombing in Syria. And not a lot has changed.

Religious leaders, including the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, have sent a letter to Teresa May calling for the British government to create safe, legal routes of travel for refugees, to adopt fair and humane family reunion policies and to accept a fair and proportionate share of refugees.  You can read the whole letter at

Meanwhile, we can help in a small way by continuing to support the refugees by donating clothing and other necessities. These can be dropped off to the Highlands Supports Refugees new centre in Conan Bridge, or to Ardfearn Nursery, Bunchrew. For opening times at Conan Bfridge, directions, and further drop-off points, including Inverness, see The Highlands Supports Refugees Facebook page for details.

Syrian refugees arriving in Lesbos

Syrian refugees arriving in Lesbos

Please help!